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Autographed Stan Lee Spider-Man 11 x 14 Animation Artwork
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Autographed Stan Lee Spider-Man 11 x 14 Animation Artwork

With Certificate of Authenticity

All autographed items undergo a detailed forensic examination by the experts at the independent third-party authentication firm R&M Real to confirm authenticity. All autographed items come with a Certificate of Authenticity and licensed counterfeit-proof authentication holograms from R&M Real.

Company Overview

  • R&M Real is comprised of over 80+ years of experience in law enforcement and forensic questioned document examination.
  • R&M Real is an independent third-party authentication firm that does not engage in the buying or selling of autographed collectibles. Their sole interest is examining handwriting and signatures to determine an items authenticity.
  • The company’s Forensic Questioned Document Examiner has a 40-year career as a decorated New York City Police Lieutenant and Commanding Officer where he supervised countless investigations into crimes involving forgeries.
  • The company’s memberships include The National Association of Document Examiners, The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, The Manuscript Society, The International Grapho-Analysis Society and The American Association of Handwriting Analysts.

Certificate Of Authenticity, Hologram Identifier & Online Registry

  • All signatures are forensically examined in person (not by computer scan.)
  • All items from Charity Fundraising come with the R&M Real Certificate of Authenticity. This document will bear the R&M Real licensed counterfeit-proof authentication hologram that includes a matching number on both the certificate and the item itself.
  • After a thorough forensic examination of our autographed collectibles the Forensic Questioned Document Examiner of R&M Real signs each certificate.
  • All items that have a R&M Real Certificate of Authenticity are downloaded into their database and customers can look up their specific item by the unique hologram identifier verifying the items authenticity in their online registry.