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2 $60 Gift Certificates to Twin Tiers Rolfing

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40325 $5.00 2 $15.00

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The winning bid here wins one certificate for a Rolfing Structural Integration Session and the option to win both gift certificates or to take one and let the second bidder buy the second! (Your bidding price is for ONE certificate) Dr. Ida Rolf developed an interest in several alternative health therapies, such as osteopathy, chiropractic care, yoga, and Pilates. Around 1940, Ida started developing her own form of bodywork that she dubbed "Structural Integration". After decades of trial and error on thousands of people, Dr. Rolf and her team developed "The 10 Series" as the means to deliver the work. The 10 Series is comprised of 10 sessions, each having it's own goal in different aspects of the body. We want to thank Brian Robarge for his generous donation of these gift certificates and let everyone know that he will have a booth during Waverly's Attic! To learn more about this visit :